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Critically AA Sheeps: mourn, mourn, meeee, meeee

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It's sheeps buisness not to blame the butcher.

The sheeps are lamenting about this and that.

The gras is too wet, than it's too dry.

Once in a week the butcher comes and seperates one and brings it to his slaughterhouse.

Oh what do these sheeps lament and mourn. Mourn and lament.

Christian or not, doomed or not, disease or not, is there a God or not, does a prayer help or not, is it their fault or not. Did the now missing sheep something wrong? Mourn and lament the »is gras too wet or too dry thing« few minutes later again.

But      n  o  t     t  o  o     l  o  u  d.

And not and never they lament about the butcher. If they were attacked by a wolf, they really complain about it to the butcher. Next day the butcher'll come with a big bag of delicious shamrocks.
(They lost weight when they tried to escape, hehe)
He isn't that bad.
No no, meee meee.

Sometimes the butcher goes for a walk with his girlfriend. They both look upon the herd and she always asks "aren't they cute". Yes, they are really cute, nice sheeps, he usally says, with a satisfied grin.



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