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CULT-BUSTING by Jeffrey A. Schaler, Ph.D.
Psychological characteristics of cult membership are discussed. The cult nature of Alcoholics Anonymous and disease model of addiction ideology is examined. Patterns of response by individuals who believe strongly in the disease model of addiction when their ideology is challenged are analyzed.
[ Added/modified: 2005-08-04 ]

12 Step Cult Religion Exposed
The Truth Sets You Free
[ Added/modified: 2020-01-19 ]

This UK-website is created by AA-fellows who are concerned about the cultish way AA goes today. Because they don't have a link-section yet, I assume they think they are yet alone with their concerns. In a private mail I informed the owner of the site that there is a world-wide-community of people who recognized it before.
[ Added/modified: 2008-08-18 ]

Alcoholism: Busting the AA Monopoly
by "John" Thursday, Oct 13 2005, 2:10pm
[ Added/modified: 2005-10-18 ]

Are Twelve-Step Programs an Addiction? by Michael J. Lemanski
This article pretty much sums up what ex-members discuss in our forums for several years.
[ Added/modified: 2008-09-21 ]

Critics Say Washington AA Chapter Is Cultlike
Whole AA is a destructive cult.
[ Added/modified: 2021-04-23 ]

Critiques of the 12-Step Programs
Dr. Bob Smith: A Christian "Root" of AA?
Philip Yancey "Addicted" to the Recovery Movement? (Part 2)
Philip Yancey "Addicted" to the Recovery Movement? (Part 1)
How Alcoholics Anonymous Doctrines Compare with Scriptur
AA: Christian or Occult Roots?
12 Steps to Another Gospel? Part One
12 Steps to Another Gospel? Part Two
[ Added/modified: 2003-02-10 ]

Drink advice service confronts sex abuse
AA acts on rising reports of attacks by volunteers by Gerard Seenan Vulnerable alcoholics seeking help for their addiction are being subjected to sexual and other abuse at the hands of long-serving volunteers from the world's largest alcohol support group. [...]
[ Added/modified: 2005-04-20 ]

For Those Considering Alanon Or Other 12-Step Programs...
Forumbeitrag auf www.rational.org zu AlAnon.
[ Added/modified: 2005-05-06 ]

Have you been forced into AA?
©2007 Jack Trimpey, all rights reserved
[ Added/modified: 2019-07-23 ]

Jellinek's Phantom Doctorate
[...] E.M. Jellinek (1890-1963) may one day be remembered as the most famous American alcohol scientist of the 20th century. [...]
[ Added/modified: 2005-06-30 ]

Midtown Group: AA Group Leads Members Away from Traditions
2007 there was a scandal in Washington DC's AA group called Midtown group. If you google you'll find much more to this. I'm sure this is not an execption and happens all day all over the world in toxic meetings of AA.
[ Added/modified: 2021-04-23 ]

More Revealed Main Index
Main Index:
Articles, Books and Book Excerpts
A collection of favorite quotes
Discussion groups at Yahoo
Links to other websites
Links to "Alternative" Organizations
Message Board
Grouper Database
[ Added/modified: 2003-01-29 ]

morerevealed.com at archive.org
Another important website disappeared and so also fished out of the wayback-machine at archive.org.
[ Added/modified: 2020-06-03 ]

orange-papers.org at archive.org
This is an old snapshot from 2017 presenting the orange-papers.org website by the wayback-machine at archive.org. Lots of information is not really lost. Worth to look at.
[ Added/modified: 2020-06-03 ]

Oxford Group (Moral Re-Armament)
[...] Until 1938 MRA was known as the Oxford Group. Under that name it influenced what was to become Alcoholics Anonymous. [...]
[ Added/modified: 2006-02-25 ]

Sembler's Straight program
Englischsprachige Seite zu einem nicht zu verzeihendem Auswuchs von AA. Und es ist so, daß jede Art von Gewalt irgendwann öffentlich wird.
[ Added/modified: 2010-11-15 ]

Snork's Essays on AA
Somewhat unusual to direct a weblink to an internal site. But here is Snork writing, a former long time-member of http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/12-step-free/
She asked me to save her writings on 12schrittefrei.de. I did. So it's only a new link to an old article section, because I think it answers many questions.
[ Added/modified: 2008-09-21 ]

Some online-books on topic
12 Steps to Destruction: Codependency Recovery Heresies by Martin and Deidre Bobgan
[ Added/modified: 2008-02-14 ]

They like to poke around with the slogans used in the rooms and some of the ex-members may search for the puke-bag. But, cool down. It's another site against the 12-step bullshit. Visit this site, than you can realize that people cannot only survive the 12-step brainwash, one size fits it all, but also keeping their humor.
[ Added/modified: 2011-01-27 ]

The 13th Step
Violent/ Sex offenders are plea-bargained daily into AA and nobody knows. Innocent victims are being, harassed, raped and murdered. Film - Los Angeles, California
[ Added/modified: 2013-08-28 ]

The 13th Step
The 13th Step, a Film by Monica Richardson
Good movie about crimes in AA. But does it matter how long someone is sober to report crimes?
This link lead directly to the main campaign site. You find other links to youtube or facebook on this site.
[ Added/modified: 2015-02-17 ]

The Culture of Alcoholics Anonymous Perpetuates Sexual Abuse

[ Added/modified: 2020-05-13 ]

The Stanton Peele Addiction Web Site
Stanton Peel, Anwalt und Psychologe, Sachversändiger in einigen Gerichtsprozessen und Autor einiger Bücher.
[ Added/modified: 2003-01-29 ]

Comics zum Thema
[ Added/modified: 2003-06-28 ]

true tales from alcoholics anonymous
Another site against AA.
[ Added/modified: 2008-02-14 ]

Yahoo! Groups : 12-Step_Coercion_Watch
Eine Yahoo Diskussions Gruppe deren Thema »coercion« ist. Coercion wird mit Zwang, zwingen gut übersetzt. Zwang einer Anonym Gruppe beizutreten wird von Gerichten und Arbeitgebern ausgeübt. Angesprochen werden Rechtsanwälte und Laien die an diesem thema interessiert sind. Diskussionsteilnehemer aus anderen Ländern sind ausdrücklich erwünscht.
[ Added/modified: 2003-02-04 ]

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