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AA and NA are dangerous and need to be stopped
by J.W. Baker
AA und ähnliche Gruppierungen gehören aufgelöst. Das ist genau meine Meinung.
D. Sax
[ Erstellt/geändert: 2020-04-18 ]

Doug Stanhope - AA Is A Poorly Constructed Cult and Doesn't Work.wmv

[ Erstellt/geändert: 2019-10-26 ]

The 13th Step: Sexual Predators in AA
Monica Richardson is the director of the controversial documentary, "The 13th Step." film exposes how courts are ordering violent sex offenders to AA meetings, unknown to the public. This, combined with others who use AA to exploit emotionally vulnerable women for sex, can make AA meetings a very dangerous place.
[ Erstellt/geändert: 2019-12-07 ]

The baffling recovery slogans of Alcoholics Anonymous
12 stupid things steppers like to say with commentary and a cameo by Karen Parker and Juliet Abram.
[ Erstellt/geändert: 2019-10-19 ]

Top Ten Reasons To Run From Alcoholics Anonymous
Quit now, or if you haven't started, don't! Here are the top ten reasons.
By Godlesspanther
[ Erstellt/geändert: 2019-10-12 ]



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