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Critically AA Sheeps: mourn, mourn, meeee, meeee

Datum: Wednesday, 14.May. @ 10:11:36 MEST Thema: 12 Schritte Sekte, AA, EA, NA, OA, SA

It's sheeps buisness not to blame the butcher.

The sheeps are lamenting about this and that.

The gras is too wet, than it's too dry.

Once in a week the butcher comes and seperates one and brings it to his slaughterhouse.

Oh what do these sheeps lament and mourn. Mourn and lament.

Christian or not, doomed or not, disease or not, is there a God or not, does a prayer help or not, is it their fault or not. Did the now missing sheep something wrong? Mourn and lament the »is gras too wet or too dry thing« few minutes later again.

But      n  o  t     t  o  o     l  o  u  d.

And not and never they lament about the butcher. If they were attacked by a wolf, they really complain about it to the butcher. Next day the butcher'll come with a big bag of delicious shamrocks.
(They lost weight when they tried to escape, hehe)
He isn't that bad.
No no, meee meee.

Sometimes the butcher goes for a walk with his girlfriend. They both look upon the herd and she always asks "aren't they cute". Yes, they are really cute, nice sheeps, he usally says, with a satisfied grin.



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cover Alcoholics Anonymous Unmasked:
Deception and Deliverance
Where do the 12 Steps Lead?
by Dr. Cathy Burns

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 91-76487
ISBN 1-56043-449-X
For coincidence first published in 1991, same year when Ken Ragge first published More Revealed
So same were working at the same time without knowing each other and at least gave a similiar testimony about the history of Bill Wilson, the early AA, the Oxford Group, the involvement of the occult in the doctrine and their early members and much more. So if someone is unsure after reading Ken's book about his research, his honesty. Everything Ken wrote about the history of AA, Cathy Burns describes it in detail with lot of passion and with lot references to sources.

Where she's coming from:
From the backside of the cover.
[...]ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr. Burns has a degree in Bible Philosophy and has spent the last 19 years doint extensive research on the New Age movement and related subjects[...]

My short review
So she tells a lot about the devil. She is a dedicated true christian. There's a devil within alcohol, a devil within AA, within the related New Age movement, which really tried to make change the subject of christianity to make it a all fitting dummy belief. A soft-instant-belief like a good chewed chewing gum.
And on this topic she's right.
AA tells about the Higher Power, some God, but never about a christian God.
She's also very factual about the connections to the occult in early AA history. And she mentiones the sources of her researchs. She's a good scientific historian.
To a non-christian, if able to forgive her bible-quotes, she's closer to facts than anyone about the aa-history. It's in fact an arrogances from men against god. If there's one. AA is blasphemy in it's purest appearance and blessed from today's churches which call themselve christian by giving shelter and rooms to XA. It's about power over people. And about no or zero respect to weaker ones.
And this is not christianity to me.
-- noart

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