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The Top 10 Ways That People Try To Control You.

Datum: Thursday, 01.July. @ 23:11:11 MEST Thema: Sekten, allgemein

I saw this on another board and thought it might be of interest here. The Top 10 Ways That People Try To Control You (and often succeed).

  1. They pick someone who needs something that they have and then they keep you dependent vs empowered.
  2. They don't give complete answers to the questions you ask. They need you to come back for more.
  3. They play your insecurities about yourself, like a fiddle, causing you to doubt yourself.
  4. They keep you busy, directing your behaviors and focus and attention where they want it.
  5. They withhold/slowly dole out what you need most to make you feel overly grateful (like a captive does for food).
  6. They push-pull, which means that they are generous/warm/interested/great sometimes and the petty/cold/distant/cheap other times, with no explanation, warning or sensitivity. This keeps you off-balance and worried about the worst of what might happen.
  7. They seduce you by offering carrots and then thinking that this gives them the right to your life, energies, skills, focus.
  8. They sulk, get bratty, overreact to minor errors you make, cause you to get upset so they can blame you for your overreacting.
  9. They put you in a dysfunctional role, usually that of a parent or child that they had a tough time with earlier in their life. You are triggered/guided to be this individual.
  10. They want to know everything about you, watch your actions, need to be kept fully informed about everything that you're thinking, feeling or doing. If they ask too many questions and watch you too hard, they are trying to control you. I posted this myself on some other boards. I got it from a friend of mine. It puts it all into a nutshell, doesn't it? Dan

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