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Gedacht und gewidmet ist diese Seite in erster Linie denen, die sich in 12 Schritte Gruppen (Anonyme Alkoholiker = AA, Angehörige von Alkoholikern = Al-Anon, Emotions Anonymous = EA, Narcotics Anonymous = NA, Overeaters Anonymous = OA, SA usw.) unwohl fühlen, dort hineingepresst worden sind oder die solche Gruppen bereits erfolgreich verlassen haben.

AA (Anonyme Alkoholiker) ist die religöse Urmutter aller 12-Schritte-Gruppen die nach dem 2. Weltkrieg durch US-Truppen in unser Land eingebracht wurden. Heutzutage gibt es AA-Meetings und andere 12-Schritte-Meetings wohl rund um den Erdball.

In einer Großstadt wie z.B. Hamburg können Sie an jedem Tag zwischen 30 verschiedenen AA-Meetings an unterschiedlichen Standorten wählen. (Stand 2000). An jedem Tag im Jahr, auch Feiertags. Nur AA-Meetings. Dazu kommen dann noch die Meetings der anderen Anonym-Gruppen. Über das Jahr gerechnet laufen da sicher mehr Menschen hin als in die Gottesdienste der Kirchen.
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Eines ist Sicher
von noart
Wenn Sie gezwungen werden an einem 12 Schritte Programm teilzunehmen, die als eine Selbsthilfe-Organisation getarnt ist wird sich ihr Verständnis der Welt ändern. [lesen Sie mehr...]
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Religiösität von AA
von noart
Oft wenn jemand, so wie ich die Anonymen Alkoholiker und seine Ableger als Sekte bezeichnet oder gar als neue Religion, kommt der Einwand, ... [lesen Sie mehr...]
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Aussteigerbericht: Food Addicts Anonymous
von Milka
Von Anfang an, hatte ich Probleme mit Punkten in dem Programm, die mir nicht schlüssig waren. [lesen Sie mehr...]
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Ewige Todesnähe
von noart
"Wir sind Menschen, die sich in der Gewalt einer ständig fortschreitenden Krankheit befinden, deren Ende immer das Gleiche ist: Gefängnis, Anstalt oder Tod." [1] [lesen Sie mehr...]
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Die Petition
von noart
An den Petitionsausschuss des Deutschen Bundestages ... [lesen Sie mehr...]
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The 13th Step
The 13th Step, a Film by Monica Richardson
Good movie about crimes in AA. But does it matter how long someone is sober to report crimes?
This link lead directly to the main campaign site. You find other links to youtube or facebook on this site.
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Warum die Regierung das Stalking-Gesetz verschärfen will. (Der Westen)

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Atheist parolee sent back to prison must be compensated, court says
California should compensate an atheist parolee for returning him to prison after he resisted participating in a religious-based drug treatment program, a federal appeals court decided unanimously Friday...

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The 13th Step
Violent/ Sex offenders are plea-bargained daily into AA and nobody knows. Innocent victims are being, harassed, raped and murdered. Film - Los Angeles, California
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They like to poke around with the slogans used in the rooms and some of the ex-members may search for the puke-bag. But, cool down. It's another site against the 12-step bullshit. Visit this site, than you can realize that people cannot only survive the 12-step brainwash, one size fits it all, but also keeping their humor.
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Empfohlene Bücher

cover Alcoholics Anonymous Unmasked:
Deception and Deliverance
Where do the 12 Steps Lead?
by Dr. Cathy Burns

Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 91-76487
ISBN 1-56043-449-X
For coincidence first published in 1991, same year when Ken Ragge first published More Revealed
So same were working at the same time without knowing each other and at least gave a similiar testimony about the history of Bill Wilson, the early AA, the Oxford Group, the involvement of the occult in the doctrine and their early members and much more. So if someone is unsure after reading Ken's book about his research, his honesty. Everything Ken wrote about the history of AA, Cathy Burns describes it in detail with lot of passion and with lot references to sources.

Where she's coming from:
From the backside of the cover.
[...]ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr. Burns has a degree in Bible Philosophy and has spent the last 19 years doint extensive research on the New Age movement and related subjects[...]

My short review
So she tells a lot about the devil. She is a dedicated true christian. There's a devil within alcohol, a devil within AA, within the related New Age movement, which really tried to make change the subject of christianity to make it a all fitting dummy belief. A soft-instant-belief like a good chewed chewing gum.
And on this topic she's right.
AA tells about the Higher Power, some God, but never about a christian God.
She's also very factual about the connections to the occult in early AA history. And she mentiones the sources of her researchs. She's a good scientific historian.
To a non-christian, if able to forgive her bible-quotes, she's closer to facts than anyone about the aa-history. It's in fact an arrogances from men against god. If there's one. AA is blasphemy in it's purest appearance and blessed from today's churches which call themselve christian by giving shelter and rooms to XA. It's about power over people. And about no or zero respect to weaker ones.
And this is not christianity to me.
-- noart

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