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orange-papers.org at archive.org
This is an old snapshot from 2017 presenting the orange-papers.org website by the wayback-machine at archive.org. Lots of information is not really lost. Worth to look at.
[ Added/modified: 2020-06-03 Category: 12 Step (English) ]

morerevealed.com at archive.org
Another important website disappeared and so also fished out of the wayback-machine at archive.org.
[ Added/modified: 2020-06-03 Category: 12 Step (English) ]

The Culture of Alcoholics Anonymous Perpetuates Sexual Abuse

[ Added/modified: 2020-05-13 Category: 12 Step (English) ]

AA and NA are dangerous and need to be stopped
by J.W. Baker
AA und ähnliche Gruppierungen gehören aufgelöst. Das ist genau meine Meinung.
D. Sax
[ Added/modified: 2020-04-18 Category: video ]

12 Step Cult Religion Exposed
The Truth Sets You Free
[ Added/modified: 2020-01-19 Category: 12 Step (English) ]


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