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The 13th Step
The 13th Step, a Film by Monica Richardson
Good movie about crimes in AA. But does it matter how long someone is sober to report crimes?
This link lead directly to the main campaign site. You find other links to youtube or facebook on this site.
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Warum die Regierung das Stalking-Gesetz verschärfen will. (Der Westen)

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Atheist parolee sent back to prison must be compensated, court says
California should compensate an atheist parolee for returning him to prison after he resisted participating in a religious-based drug treatment program, a federal appeals court decided unanimously Friday...

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The 13th Step
Violent/ Sex offenders are plea-bargained daily into AA and nobody knows. Innocent victims are being, harassed, raped and murdered. Film - Los Angeles, California
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They like to poke around with the slogans used in the rooms and some of the ex-members may search for the puke-bag. But, cool down. It's another site against the 12-step bullshit. Visit this site, than you can realize that people cannot only survive the 12-step brainwash, one size fits it all, but also keeping their humor.
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