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Doug Stanhope - AA Is A Poorly Constructed Cult and Doesn't Work.wmv

[ Erstellt/geändert: 2019-10-26 Kategorie: video ]

The baffling recovery slogans of Alcoholics Anonymous
12 stupid things steppers like to say with commentary and a cameo by Karen Parker and Juliet Abram.
[ Erstellt/geändert: 2019-10-19 Kategorie: video ]

Top Ten Reasons To Run From Alcoholics Anonymous
Quit now, or if you haven't started, don't! Here are the top ten reasons.
By Godlesspanther
[ Erstellt/geändert: 2019-10-12 Kategorie: video ]

Have you been forced into AA?
2007 Jack Trimpey, all rights reserved
[ Erstellt/geändert: 2019-07-23 Kategorie: 12 Step (English) ]

The 13th Step
The 13th Step, a Film by Monica Richardson
Good movie about crimes in AA. But does it matter how long someone is sober to report crimes?
This link lead directly to the main campaign site. You find other links to youtube or facebook on this site.
[ Erstellt/geändert: 2015-02-17 Kategorie: 12 Step (English) ]


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